CSIRO APPROVED High-Temperature Australian Medical Sheepskin – AS4480.1-1998

  • 100% Australian Made Medical Sheepskin Rug
  • 100% Australian Merino Sheepskin
  • Natural Colour
  • Sustainably sourced and ecologically processed in Australia
  • Produced using CSIRO technology that combines 4000-6000 wool fibres
  • Provides superior comfort and support for the user
  • Relieves pressure by up to 50% when lying down according to the CSIRO
  • High-Temperature Washable Urine & Blood Resistance – Washable to 80 Degrees Celcius
  • Our Medical Sheepskins have been used extensively in Hospitals and Nursing Homes with a lot of success.
  • Country of Origin: Australia

The Leading Medical Sheepskin

This curly wool Australian Medical Sheepskin is a fully CSIRO certified product and the Green colour skin is certified by the Therapeutics Goods Australia (TGA)

Made using very carefully picked Australian Sheepskin, this product has a very dense curly wool pile (non ironed) that is 26-30mm thick. It is also Hi-Temp and Urine resistant, making it ideal for incontinent customers.
This Medical Sheepskin helps prevent and also treat bedsores.

Hi-Temp refers to this product being able to be washed at up to 80 degrees Celsius to allow for detailed disinfection cleansing when called for, without harming the sheepskin. It can additionally be dried out at approximately 60 degrees Celsius. Hi-Temp cleansing is essential to avoid the spread of infection

High Temperature Washable Sheepskin

AS4480.1 is the Australian Medical requirement and represents that this Clinical Sheepskin is High-Temp washable and also Urine Resistant. This product meets and exceeds the acknowledged standard (AS4480.1 1998).

Each Medical Sheepskin comes completely accredited by the CSIRO and is stamped on the hide side to validate this product.

This product will considerably aid to lower bed sores.

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 105 × 65 × 2.6 cm

150*70cm rectangle, 90*60cm Rectangle, Double Length 2000mm+ (78"+), Double Length 2050mm+ (80″+), Extra Extra Large 42+" (105cm+), Extra Large 39" – 41" (100-105cm), Full Single Rectangle 90cm x 1.8m, Green As4480.1 Medical, King Single 200 x 105cm, Large 36" – 39" (90-100cm), Quad -2m x 1.2m




AS4480.1 Medical, High Temp Wash medical


Yes – Hospital Laundry Washable




Eco-Tan – as Natural as Possible


As Supplied to Hospitals Australia Wide, Yes – Actualy Urine and Blood Resistant


Green Colour, Natural Colour Australian Made


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