AS4480.1 Australian Medical Sheepskin

Australian Medical Sheepskin Underlays (AS4480.1-1998)

High Temperature Washable Medical Sheepskin

Medical Underlays to Australian Standard AS4480.1-1998

We are now selling the Australian medical sheepskin Underlays stamped to the Australian Standard AS4480.1-1998.

Australian Medical Sheepskin top Pressure Sores

High Temperature Australian Medical Sheepskin
Australian Medical Sheepskin

The stamped Australian Medical Sheepskin Underlays can be washed in hot water (up to 80°C) to maximise disinfection.  These are suitable for hospital or nursing home use and can be washed 50 or more times.  They are coloured dark green for easy identification and must have the Australian Standard label or stamp on the reverse.

Incredible Softness- Added Comfort – The wool length on high temperature Medical Green is approx. 25-33mm long (exceeding Australian standards) premium-grade wool combed 8-times in multiple directions

Practical Comfort – Absorbs up to 36% of its dry weight in moisture without feeling damp, keeping you cool in summer and warm during winter.

We also have High temperature Medicals skins that are not made to the same high AS4480.1 medical standard. These are Cheaper and still highly effective and high Temperature washable.

as4480 Australian Medical SheepskinWe offer the full range of medical sheepskin products, including the popular medical heal cuff and elbow protector. Medical sheepskin for pressure sore protection are the best natural solution. Our sheepskin bed pads are available in a range of sizes that suit the bed or chair. we Custom make as required.

Australian Medical Sheepskin are the best for preventing and reducing Pressure Sores.

These are fully washable sheepskin in hightemperature water. We recomend using Woolskin Woolwash for washing Sheepskin

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