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Pressure Sore Protection the 2019 way

What are Pressure Sores Pressure Sores can be an expensive and painful issue. For many Pressure Sores are found too late, and the path to cure is long and painful. As bodies get frail or less mobile, the pressure on spots increases due to the reduced body mass and the increased time spent in one […]

Sheepskin Mats: 5 Options to Luxury

I should start with the advice that although it is called Sheepskin Mats, it really is Lambskin mat. Not to be confused with Lambswool. Lambswool is the term for shorn wool stuck to a backing – generally cotton or polyester of some kind. Lambskin refers the to a natural product with a natural hide naturally attached to the back, and a tip on the wool pile to indicate that it has not been shorn.

The terminology Mat indicates that 2 or more have been joined to make a larger or shaped rug or carpet like Mat.

Todays Customised Sheepskin products Ready for Pickup

We regularly are asked to make custom sheepskin products. To us, customised sheepskin products are a natural part of the business. Today we have an array of different customised sheepskin products ready for shipping. In today’s batch, we have a cushion cover for a 2.98m x 80cm sheepskin cushion cover for a window seat of to […]