OZmade Lambskins

Black Double Longwool Lambswool sheepskin

Black SheepSkin Rug Floor Mat Options

Here at Ozwool.net we have a range of Black sheepskins, actually these are all Black Lambskins, so softer than the average sheepskin.
We start with the Black Longwool Lambskin that measures 90+cm long and approx 55cm+ wide
We then have the Extra Large Black Longwool that measures 105+cm long and approx 65cm+ wide
And we have the fluffy Auskin Extra Large Black Longwool that also measures 105+cm long and approx 65cm+ wide, but is a longer fluffier wool pile

ozwool australian made double sided lambskin cushions

Lambswool Cushions

Australian Lambswool Cushions are now available from OZwool.net. OZwool.net have introduced a huge range of cushions and pillows for the bed, couch and floor. These sheepskin cushions are available in a variety of natural textures and fashion shades. Using Australian Natural lambskin, these sheepskin cushions and pillows provide the perfect textural accent for today’s home. Bringing …

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