Todays Customised Sheepskin products Ready for Pickup

We regularly are asked to make custom sheepskin products. To us, customised sheepskin products are a natural part of the business. Today we

custom sheepskin packed for delivery

Custom Sheepskin products packed for delivery today

have an array of different customised sheepskin products ready for shipping. In today’s batch, we have a cushion cover for a 2.98m x 80cm sheepskin cushion cover for a window seat of to Bondi. A Custom powered wheelchair cover for an NDIS patient made from AS4480.1 Medical Sheepskin of to Perth. A Black longwool Lambskin office seat covers off to Western Sydney to fit onto a new Racer style office chair. 4 pairs of 45 cm long black sheepskin seat belt covers off to northern Perth suburb, these are made from 1″ (25mm ) wool pile sheepskin – not the cheaper 10mm wool version.

Custom Sheepskin products

Along with some standard products.:  Baby Rugs to Sydney, 100% Australian Tanned Infant Care skins to Melbourne, High-Temperature washable Australian Medical Sheepskins off to the middle of South Australia, and an AS4480 rectangle medical sheepskin bed underlay off to Bundaberg.

And yes we actually do sell single and double sheepskin rugs and mats

New Range of Multiple Colour Australian Sheepskin Floor Rugs

New Range of Multiple Colour Australian Sheepskin Floor Rugs

Premium-quality Australian Lambskins: The best thing about these Octo lambskin rugs is that we make these from high-quality, selected and matched hides making them perfect for long-term use.

Size and dimensions: The perfectly appropriate size of these sheepskin rugs makes them perfect for every room. As these are made by joining 8 Natural Extra Large Hides, the sizing is always approximate. The general size and dimensions of these mats are: wool pile is 60+ mm and length is 205cm+ and approx. 240cm wide.

Different colours available: The reason why these Australian lambskin rugs are so popular is that they are available in many popular and distinctive colours. These colour options include: Ivory, Black, Chocolate, Reds, Two tones, Pink’s, Blues, Brown and so many others give you a wide selection to choose from.

Natural shape edges: The naturally shaped edges of the sheepskin floor rug gives it a perfect and unique look which makes it ideal for bedrooms, lounge and even living rooms too.

Octo/8 pelt lambskin rugs: The 8 pelt lambskin rug has a perfect texture and distinctive look. The 8 skin lambskin rug can be washed easily which makes it easy to use as well.

Double Sheepskin Yoga Mat

More Great Sheepskin feedback

Hi ,
Following our conversation yesterday re order – #172248
I just wanted to let you know that I did receive my sheepskin delivery today(late afternoon) via couriers. The quality of both sheepskins is excellent and I am very happy with my purchase. I love the sheepskin Quality and size
Thank you again for your assistance in following up my order.
Kind regards,


This is just one of the many pieces of feedback that we get regularly. Enjoy Australian sheepskin luxury from the original sheepskin website

Do you need a Sheepskin Rug for the Nursery ?

OZmade natural Australian infant care lambskinIt is exciting setting up a Nursery and getting ready for your baby.  Something so simple as a rug can be daunting when decorating the nursery.

My personal preference is a Sheepskin Rug for a Nursery.

The reason why  I love sheepskin is they are soft to touch and they are comfortable and also washable.  Sheepskin rugs are soft and gentle on the skin, warm in winter and cool in summer.

At Ozwool we offer all types of sheepskin rugs for the kids to play on.  A good quality rug will make any nursery or kids room look warm, vibrant and inviting.