Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions Page
We will try to answer any questions that you may have here about Sheepskin products and ordering your item, if you have any other questions please use the contact us page to email them to us.

What Payment Methods do you accept?

We accept:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Australian Money Order,
  • Australian Cheque (5 day wait)
  • Bank Direct Deposit,
  • PayPal ($A, $US Euro or UK Pound)
  • COD (Australian Orders only)*
  • Phone Orders

* COD is Australia only and is not sent Express Post – COD costs paid to Australia post include postage cost and a COD fee

Can i pick my order up to save shipping?

Yes, just call us to arrange a pickup.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Our Privacy policy is simple. We do NOT share, sell, rent, or loan your details to anyone , NEVER.

Is GST included?

As this is a International market, 10% GST is included in the cost of all Australian orders. GST does not apply to International (outside Australia).

Can my lambswool Rug be washed?

Yes , the lambswool/ sheepskin rug brought from us can be washed in water. Items have washing instructions on them. We can not vouch for items brought from others. The Green Urine Resistant Hi temp rugs can be washed at 80 degrees Celsius. Washing Instructions are here for Medical Sheepskins or here for others


If your item does not meet your requirements or is not as described, you may return it for a refund of the product price, provided that it is unopened and unused. For Health reasons used items can not be returned. Use our contact form to request a return form so we can track the item. Yes We accept returns of unopened / unused products. Manufactured to order products are not returnable. If you need to return a product please use our contact form to request return details. A restocking fee may be charged, Shipping is not refundable.

What Colours are available?

Most colours are available, colour trends change all the time, but we carry most colours. Please check the item you are after to see what colours are available. If you want a different colour please email us, we may just have it.

Are all Skins Dyed?


Whats the difference in the types of Skins?

In the short wool range we have a number of different types to choose from. All Skins have the same processing until the final stages, the difference is the quality.

  • The Infant Care Range is our best range, they are a little softer than the the export range
  • The Export Range is our best range, as perfect as we can get them
  • The Special Range are the level below, sometimes the difference is minute, it could be smaller in size, have some small skin or wool blemishes, or a pack of different coloured wool that wasn’t dyed out completely.
  • The next level down are the ROF (Run of Flock) skins, these have skin or wool defects, that make them not as presentable as the export or specials. They are great value for money, and sometimes bigger skins.
  • The final range is the Pet Mats these have greater defects including skin nicks , wool length inconsistencies, and some burrs on the outside edges. Hence we sell them as pet mats, we sell large numbers of these.

What does uncut mean when you talk about pram liners and car seat inserts?

We By Uncut we mean that these do not have the cuts for the pram or car seat straps. However you can easily insert these with a sharp knife and pen. We do not cut them because they are not made for any particular brand of pram or car seat.

Are these skins Real Sheepskins?

Yes our Sheepskins are real Sheep skins, The majority of our Product range is produced and processed here in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Our Lambswool Pram Liners are real Lambswool on a rubberised backing.

Do you accept orders from “free” email addresses?

We do accept orders from Free email addresses like hotmail, yahoo, lycos, etc. We find that most people have real email addresses, and all our fraudulent activity comes from these free addresses. If we reduce fraud we can keep the prices down.

Where do You Ship to?

We Ship to Most Locations including: Australia, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Most of Europe, If in doubt please email us via our CONTACT US Page

How long is the wool Length?

The General Purpose Medical sheepskin is 25mm or 1″ long (approx.) and The Urine resistant Green Medical sheepskin is approx. 27mm or 1″ long. Both exceed the Australian Standards for Medical Sheepskin rugs and Underlays

Are they Hypo-allergic?

Yes all our sheepskin are Hypo-allergic.

Do you have an Affiliate Program?

Yes We have an affiliate program, so you can earn money for yourself, your club or association, or your website. We use a third party tracking system to maintain integrity.


Yes We accept returns of unopened / unused products. Manufactured to order products are not returnable. If you need to return a product please use our contact form to request return details. A restocking fee may be charged, Shipping is not refundable.

Do you have any Shops?

Sorry, we are a web based business, hence the low prices, we do not have any shop outlets.

Did we miss a question ?

Please email us so we can answer you, and add the question here