AS4480.1 Medical sheepskin

High-Temperature Medical Sheepskin – A All-round Solution Available in Brisbane

Yes medical Sheepskin are available in Brisbane., and by Medical sheepskin we mean t he real Australian Standard AS4480.1 Medical Sheepskins. A High Temperature medical sheepskin is commonly used as an underlay for the prevention of pressure sore, a skin injury that incontinent patients are very prone to developing due to staying in one position for prolonged periods. What most folks do not know is that, this medical sheepskin can do more just preventing pressure sores.

High Temperature medical sheepskin has other benefits, health benefits, that are for great medical incontinent patients in home care and hospitals. In this article, we have listed other 4 health benefits of a high temperature medical sheepskin, so if you are considering buying one for your sick loved one, you know already the other advantages that it will offer.

Brisbane based Pressure Sore prevention and other 4 Benefits of a High temperature Medical Sheepskin:

Pressure Sore prevention. High temperature medical sheepskin has a unique set of properties that make it the best strategy available in the prevention of pressure sores. Some of these properties include:
Natural breathing property. Natural sheepskin has hollow fibres that cause it to have a natural breathing property allowing it to absorb sweat instantly and omit it into the air up to seven times faster than faux sheepskin. This property helps make sure there is no skin moisture build up which is one of the primary causes of pressure sores.

Resilient property. Natural Brisbane sheepskin wool fibres are naturally strong they can work to spread the body pressure in its large area, reduce pressure points between the surface and the skin, and prevent pressure sores.

Extreme softness. Natural sheepskin has very dense, soft, springy and resilient wool fibres which feel very gentle when in contact with human skin. This helps reduce the friction and shear force which are other primary causes of pressure sores.

  1. It increases comfort hence promotes healing. Being sick and incontinent is bad enough.  Being uncomfortable in bed or seated in the wheelchair is doubly distressing. Fortunately, the use of a high temperature medical sheepskin eliminates this problem. Due to its soft and fluffy wool fibers, the medical sheepskin provides comfort. And whenever patient’s being comfortable, she can recover fast.
  1. It keeps body temperature normal. Sitting or lying on this medical sheepskin insulates the patient from the underlying surface. This means that her body is kept at an even temperature and she feels more comfortable. And again, being comfortable helps in her fast recovery.
  2. It is Hypo-allergenic. This medical sheepskin’s wool is considered by the medical profession to be hypoallergenic, meaning its use, compared to the use of fabrics, is less likely to cause allergy reaction.
  3. It promotes relaxation and restorative sleep. This medical sheepskin’s wool fibres have a low friction of coefficient that provides a soft and smooth surface to reduce strain on the patient’s skin and shear forces on the underlying tissue. This provides support to the body and allows air to flow freely causing the patient’s body to relax and have a comfortable, refreshing sleep every time she sleeps. This is also helpful for her fast recovery.

Available Locally in Brisbane and shipped worldwide from in Brisbane phone 1300 723 051 – go to where the hospitals buy medical sheepskins. NDIS approved and Locally made Natural Australian Sheepskin

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