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Infant Sheepskins- 4 reasons for Natural Comfort For Infants

Infant sheepskin is the ideal product for any newborn. As Infants have the most sensitive body, it makes a great deal of sense that they should be given the best comfort available. The best level of comfort comes from the supportive infantcare sheepskin. NOTE that we said Supportive here and not just sheepskin or lambskin. Supportive sheepskin is only found in a selected range of natural Australian Sheepskin. The wool fibres must be supportive otherwise you are wasting your time and money.  There is only one kind of comfort that will feel is the utmost suitable for infants and it is our sheepskin for infants.

Sheepskin for infants are obviously products for infants made from sheepskins or lambskins. These products are just wonderful for infants and you know that the products are safe for your sensitive infants because the products were processed by a natural process called ecotan, without a touch of any harmful chemical.

Sheepskin Products for Infants

Infant Sheepskin Pram liners - Stroller Liners. Infant Care Sheepskin Articles & News ArchivesThere are different kinds of sheepskin products made best for infants and these include Sheepskin Pram Liners and stroller liners, Sheepskin cot Underlays, Sheepskin Short wool Floor mats. To a lesser extent, we have Longwool sheepskin Infant Playmats which are becoming more popular as nursery floor mats and many more natural lambskin options.

Pramliners and Stroller Liners for Baby on the move.

We looked around and there were many sheepskin pramliners and stroller liners. We were told the Kmart pramliner was the best available. Our selection panel thought that the cheapest softest and shortest wool pile pram liners were not the best for your Baby. Cheap is not the best, but neither is the dearest. Our selection criteria for a stroller liner or pram insert was the one that had a good pile length – 25mm was found to be the most supportive. Not just wool pile length but the diameter of the wool pile makes it supportive. These were found to be the most supportive pram liners available, and the best option for strollers were these cozy stroller liners

Benefits of Using Infant Sheepskin for your Infants

Not only infants get the benefits that sheepskin products can give, but also moms. Moms get the benefits in a way that infants get really comfortable that crying due to discomfort is significantly minimised so moms get more time for herself and more to do other important things. In other words, using sheepskin products lessens moms’ burdens when taking good care of their infants.

1. Softest materials for infants’ softest skin.

Infants world is a tactile one. In their world, a touch is a significant sense they experienced in day-to-day life. Because of this, materials that contribute to the sensorial experience should be only natural, gentle and soft. Sheepskin products are just that. They are natural, gentle, and soft to touch because they contain lanolin, a basic substance similar to that found in human skin

  1. Provide great comfort ALL YEAR ROUND.

    The great comfort that products made with real infant sheepskins give infants is not limited to dry season or wet season. They can provide greater comfort the infants need both during dry and wet seasons. In other words, sheepskin products will keep the baby cool during the summer and warm in wintertime and this is possible because of the breathing properties of wool’s hollow fibres.

  2. Help Promote blood circulation and supports the immune system.

As found in older patients the natural benefits of sheepskin help prevent the instances of skin-based sores like pressure sores. These occur where a person is in contact with a hard surface for extended periods of time. Sheepskin products are proven effective in supporting the relaxation and regeneration of the body.

  1. Provide needed warmth.

    Sheepskin products provide a comfortable cushion of air that acts as a temperature insulator. With them around, you do not have to worry about your infant getting into an uncomfortable hot zone. During cold winter months, sheepskin products are perfect for giving your baby that extra added comfort and warmth, without that hot feeling of a blanket.

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