OZmade natural Australian infantcare lambskin

Infant Sheepskins for my Baby and Toddler

Infant sheepskins are perfect for your baby. The infant sheepskins for babies have many benefits as they can be used in the car seat, the stroller and even a play/floor mat for your baby to roll around and play on. They can also be used as a cot underlay which makes baby more comfortable.

Infant sheepskins are often used even when your baby grows into toddler years. Young children love sheepskins rugs in their big bed under their sheets.

Natural Sheepskins are perfect all year round. Can babies sleep on Sheepskin?  Yes they can, they keep baby warm and cozy in cold weather. In hot weather, wool absorbs moisture, which is released into the air ensuring baby stays drier and comfortable at all times.


Lambswool & Sheepskin should be stored in a cool airy place away from direct sunlight. Guard against condensation DO NOT pack in plastic bags for long periods of time. Lambswool & Sheepskin is a genuine natural wool/leather product and needs to be cared for the same way we care for leather products.


Yes, Lambswool & Sheepskin products can be washed.  Hand or machine wash once a month ideally using Woolskin, Lambskin Shampoo & Woolwash with conditioner.

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