Lambswool Mattress Topper

Unlike many wool underlays our sheepskin underlays are made from authentic sheepskins. Each sheepskin bed pad includes pieces from a number of shorn clinical sheepskins which are thoroughly sewn together. For added convenience and luxury they are fitted with elastic corner straps and supported with material and a gently padded quilted backing.
These are made to cover the entire bed.

The ready approval of sheepskin medical underlays and devices by Healthcare facilities and Nursing Residences throughout the world is statement to their terrific natural healing qualities.

Clinical bed pelts help prevent pain triggered by pressure points or bed sores that take place during long periods of immobility.

A strong tannage guarantees that wool fibers continue to be firmly connected to the leather backing, preventing the shedding and fiber collapse frequently discovered in woven alternatives, and making sure years of relaxing sleep.

Wool fibers are naturally soft, springy and resilient. Not all sheepskins exhibit the same degree of durability and density. However those used for our clinical bed underlays have been carefully selected by Classic Sheepskins’ experienced staff for this certain function.

The springiness of the wool stack disperses pressure uniformly over the body naturally getting rid of pressure points which can cause uneasyness. It also enables air flow thus substantially lowering the build up of moisture resulting in coolness in summertime and warmth in winter.

As wool is capable of holding up to a third of its own weight in wetness without sensation damp to the touch, perspiration is readily taken in and dissipated by natural evaporation.

Place the underlay straight on the mattress with or without a sheet over it. Ideal for invalids, convalescents, patients of backache or arthritic discomfort.

Classic Sheepskins medical bed underlays are made. They are completely equipment washable using an appropriate enzyme-free wool wash such as our Woolskin Wool Wash/Sheepskin Hair shampoo.

Queen Mattress size: 152 x 213cm (60 x 84″).
King Mattress size: 183 x 213cm (72 x 84″).

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  1. My mother is in a nursing home and is allergic to the vinyl in the chair that she sits in all day. I am looking for a genuine lamb skin that can be spread on the seat of her chair. It needs to be the actual lamb skin as any synthetic component will aggravate her as well. Can you help ? Thank you,

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