Longwool Black Sheepskin Rug – or should I say Black Lambskin

When it comes to sheepskin, the 2nd or 3rd most popular coloured lambskin is the Black Sheepskin Rug. White is the most popular colour sheepskin, also technically called Ivory as it is not a bleached white that some will imagine. I say 2nd or 3rd as it is a close tie with the camel coloured longwool australian lambskin that we also sell. Either way Camel or Black will outsell the total of all the other lambskin colours that we have available. It all depends on the surroundings of the room where they are going into.

But often I am asked is it a Black lambskin rug or a black Sheepskin rug? Actually, I can only speak for the tanneries that we deal with locally but they are Lambskin. Lambskin will give the pointed twist at the end of the wool pile that sheepskin can not. This pointed twist disappears after the first shearing of the lamb.

Washing Sheepskin your Black sheepskin Rug

There is only one proper way to wash and clean any Australian sheepskin. That is to use the product that was developed locally and developed in conjunction with the tanneries. I am referring to woolskin sheepskin shampoo or as it is commonly referred to as sheepskin woolwash. not to be confused with woolwash or wool shampoo, as sold at the supermarkets and used to was jumpers. Woolskin wool wash shampoo has been made using Tea Tree and lemon myrtle, and actually adds the natural oils back into the sheepskin rugs natural leather Hide. More information on washing sheepskin can be found here.

Different Black sheepskin rug sizes

What size can you get a black longwool sheepskin in? A simple question. At Ozwool.net Australian Sheepskins we offer Black in many sizes;

Black lambskin Longwool Rug from Ozwool Australian Sheepskin

Office Chair covers, yes sheepskin can be used as Chair covers. We have made many different Black sheepskin covers for chairs of differing sizes and shapes. Sheepskin office chairs have shown to increase productivity in both summer and winter time in any office. Black is the best colour to blend in with any office environment.

Octo 8 Hide Ozwool Premium Black Longwool Australian Lambskin Hide
Round longwool lambski rug
Different types of Black Lambskin rugs made inhouse by Ozwool Sheepskin Tannery Brisbane. Any Colour Any Size Sheepskin Rug

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