Love my Sheepskins

OZmade natural Australian infant care lambskinAs a mother of 2 kids I just love my sheepskins and my focus today is to talk about the joys of having a sheepskin in the home.  I have always used sheepskins for my kids which I bought when they were born and have had them ever since.  I have had them in the pram, car seat, Mattress protector, decorative floor rugs and I always had one with me when going to playgroup.

Sheepskins have some real, scientifically proven benefits for the body.  Sheepskin has the ability to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.  It can also be soothing to a baby or child which can result in better sleep and reduce stress.

So the question I get asked all the time is……  How do you keep them clean, especially with kids?

Easy, it isn’t difficult at all.  I understand kids and babies pee and vomit so in this situation you can just spot clean.  You can also wash your sheepskin the in the washing machine and I love to use Tea Tree Oil Wool Wash which makes it smell really nice and takes away all odours.  On the other days, I just shake it out and place in a sunny spot to air for a few hours.  You can also vacuum your sheepskin and then bush it out with your fingers or use a brush (I use a standard dog brush).Extra Large Dog Sheepskin 1

My pet dogs even have their own Pet Sheepskin Rugs.

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