Bed sores (AKA pressure sores, pressure wounds and pressure ulcers) are a commonly encountered problem experienced by people who are confined to bed rest or to a wheelchair. Restricted movement because of illness, invalidity or hospitalization creates pressure on the skin at points where the body’s weight is supported – normally the lower back, buttocks, shoulders and heels. This closes the tiny blood vessels near the skin’s surface and prevents vital nutrients from reaching the skin tissue in the affected area.

The result…skin tissue dies and bedsores form

Worryingly, bedsores can develop within a matter of HOURS, and if untreated will deteriorate into deep decubitis ulcers, eating through muscle, tendon and even bone!

What causes bed sores?  How to treat bed sores in elderly ?  The elderly are most at risk because their skin is so fragile. Persistent rubbing of their knees, elbows or hands against bed linen may also be a source of bed sores as could any other friction where the skin and bone move in separate directions.

The Solution to Bed Sores & Pressure Ulcers

How to treat bed sores at home?  Bedsores are FULLY PREVENTABLE. All that it requires is for the skin to be PROTECTED from unnecessary pressure and friction…and the BEST PROTECTION SYSTEM AVAILABLE IS AN AUSTRALIAN MEDICAL SHEEPSKIN RUG!

Medical sheepskin rugs are widely used in hospitals and nursing homes throughout Australia. When placed underneath a patient or wrapped around them, the ultra-soft wool and specially buffed hide provides a gentle cushion for their skin. The patient’s weight is distributed more evenly over a wider area, lowering the risk of bedsores caused by pressure and friction.

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