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Medical Sheepskin for a Good Nights Sleep

I just got back from a rush delivery to the Brisbane Mater hospital. Late today we had a urgent call, a patient had just had a back operation and wanted a good nights sleep. The hospital beds were uncomfortable and the patient wanted a sheepskin to sleep on. Our regular Temperature medical sheepskin was just the thing to offer comfort and rest, and a good nights sleep (although 2 hours sleep would have been accepted).

We get many calls for urgent delivery of medical sheepskins and our delivery network can normally deliver standard items australia wide the next day. People often spend a day or 2 searching for medical sheepskins locally , and then coming back to us to buy,  when they could have saved time and money and ordered it from immediately.


next time you want a medical sheepskin for back care or pressure sore relief, then call on 1300 723 051

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