Medical Sheepskin from help prevent Pressure Sores and provide comfort

Medical Sheepskin Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Medical Sheepskin

A Medical Sheepskin is one that is selected to be used in the Medical Fields. Such uses are for NDIS, Aged Care, Disability Care, Hospitals, For the Aged or Infirm. Not all Sheepskin are suitable for medical use. Medical Sheepskin should provide support for the body, as such Softness is not a suitable feature. The stiffer wool pile is prefered in Medical use. Infant Care and Longwool Lambskins are generally not suitable Medical Hides.
As4480 Australian Made Sheepskin Medical Sheepskin

What colour is a medical Sheepskin?

Generally, they are Green or Cream. We do have occasionally available AS4480.1 standard Natural colour Medicals skins. The Green indicates that it is washable at high temperatures (80Degrees Celcius), whereas the regular Temperature washable skins are only washable at regular Temperatures (30 Degrees Celcius) See the medical sheepskin options here

What does High-Temperature Medical Mean?

The Temperature rating on Medical hides refers to there washing temperature. A high-temperature medical Hide is washable at high temperatures (80Degrees Celcius). These are suitable for the hospital laundry systems. We Do occasionally have AS4480.1 Natural colour High-Temperature Medical Sheepskins available. Normal sheepskins can not handle high-temperature washing. High-temperature washable skins also have a high washability, that is they can be washed many times without any real shrinkage.
as4480 australian medical Sheepskin natural Shape Underlay

What does Regular Temperature washable mean?

The Regular Temperature rating on hides refers to there washing temperature. A regular-temperature medical Hide is washable at normal wash temperatures (30Degrees Celcius). These will need to be stretched out by hand before they are dried out of the direct sun. This stretching helps them to regain there original shape and size. See the regular Temperature medical sheepskin options here
Ozwool Double Extra Large Sized Cream Coloured Regular Temperature Washable Australian Medical Care Lambskin Underlay Sized

Which type of Medical hide is better?

The best is the As4480.1 Australian medical Sheepskin, it is a curly wool pile skin with approx 26mm- 32mm wool pile. This curly wool gives the patient better support. Next is the standard High-temperature option then the Regular Temperature washable medical with approx 26mm wool pile. The support is what a patient needs in sheepskin selection.

Can I use infant care sheepskin as a medical?

Short answer no, Infant care is selected to be soft while Medicals undergo more tanning and are selected to be supportive. Infant care is generally 15-22mm wool pile whereas medicals are generally 25-30mm wool pile.

Do you have medical sheepskin buyers guide?

Yes, a buyers guide to sheepskin for medical use is available to view or print off. Please read more here

Do you make Medical Sheepskin Underlays or bed toppers?

Yes, we manufacture our own range of 100% natural sheepskin Medical Underlays or bed toppers. To us an underlay or bed topper is the same thing, it goes under the patient and on top of the mattress. It can go under or above the bottom sheet, (above is prefered -closer to the patient). A full range of Underlays is available here.

Can These prevent Pressure Sores?

Yes, from our experience and feedback they help to reduce and prevent pressure sores. Every person, sore and situation are different so you should always consult a trained professional. More Info is here

Do you have medical sheepskin accessories available?

Yes, we make our own range of medical Accessories here in Queensland. If it is not in stock we can custom make to suit your needs.
Medical Sheepskin Foot Protector – Heel Cuff

Do you supply wholesale, to hospitals or retail

Yes, we wholesale or retail all our products, please enquire. Our customers include: Queensland Health, NSW Health, SA Health, Victoria Health, Transport Accident Commission, Retail Stores in all states, Medical distributors, Nursing Homes and Everyday people

Can you custom make a medical item for me?

yes, please give us a call on 1300723051 or email us from the contact page and we can help you.

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