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Medical Sheepskin Prevent Pressure Sores

Australian Medical Sheepskin Will Prevent Pressure Sores

Medical patients who need to stay in one position for a prolonged period of time are prone to developing pressure sores; skin injuries which, if not treated immediately could become a serious health problem. Fortunately, the use of medical sheepskin can prevent these pressure sores from developing, reducing the risks of medical patients of having to deal with it.

Preventing Pressure Sores with Medical Sheepskin

The medical sheepskin that is made from natural sheepskin has many qualities that can eliminate the factors that contribute to the development of pressure sores including pressure, friction, and moisture.

Pressure: Pressure is the number one cause why pressure sores develop. With constant pressure, the skin is deprived of oxygen and nutrients causing areas of tissue to die and pressure sores form. With the use of a natural medical sheepskin, which is proven to have a Pressure Reducing Capability (having naturally strong wool fibres), body pressure at points of contact can be reduced significantly.

Friction: Friction is another cause of why pressure sores develop. The rough friction (or high friction coefficient) of cotton or fabric sheets which the medical patient is lying or sitting on causes insult or stripping of the epidermal layer of the skin; this insult, can ultimately develop to become a pressure sore.

If natural medical sheepskin is used instead of cotton or fabric sheets, natural sheepskin has friction management ability which can reduce the friction coefficient and prevent pressure sores from developing.

Moisture: skin moisture occurs when there is no space for air to circulate. Skin moisture contributes to the development of pressure sores, in a way that when the skin is moist or wet, it makes it easier for the friction to strip the epidermal layer. With the use of natural sheepskin which allows free air circulation and absorbs moisture up to 34% of their dry weight without feeling wet, moisture is significantly reduced.

Aside from its pressure reducing capability, friction management ability, and moisture-absorbing ability that help prevent pressure sore, natural medical sheepskin offers other features which can help medical patients’ stay in bed more comfortable.

Excellent insulating properties.

The wool fibres of a natural medical sheepskin have excellent insulating properties that will keep the body warm when it is cold and near body temperature when it is hot. Lying or sitting on medical sheepskin insulates the patient from the underlying surface. This means that his body is kept at an even temperature and he will feel more comfortable.

Extreme softness.

Natural medical sheepskin possesses a substance called lanolin, a natural substance that wool-bearing animals like sheep produce. Lanolin makes the sheepskin very soft which will provide extreme and amazing comfort to the patient.

If you know any medical patient who needs to stay in bed or wheelchair for a prolonged period of time, he is at risk of developing pressure sores so do him good by letting him know about using medical sheepskin for his bed or wheelchair to prevent pressure sores. Many people take the use of medical sheepskin lightly and when they have developed irritating and even painful pressure sores, they highly regret.

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