Medical Sheepskin

As4480.1 Medical Sheepskin, High Temperature washable medical Sheepskin, Regular temperature washable medical sheepskin. Medical Sheepskin products.

Australia’s biggest range of High Temperature washable As4480.1 medical Sheepskin and real medical Sheepskin. Trusted by Medical Facilities around Australia

Australian Medical Sheepskins

Medical Sheepskins soothes sores…….  Click here to ready full article. Lying naked on a sheepskin may be the best way to prevent bedsores when you’re sick, according to new research. Australian researcher Associate Professor Damien Jolley of Deakin University in Victoria and colleagues studied how well medical sheepskins prevented bedsores, otherwise known as pressure ulcers. They …

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High Temp Australian Medical Sheepskin - AS4480

Medical Sheepskin Prevent Pressure Sores

Australian Medical Sheepskin Will Prevent Pressure Sores Medical patients who need to stay in one position for a prolonged period of time are prone to developing pressure sores; skin injuries which, if not treated immediately could become a serious health problem. Fortunately, the use of medical sheepskin can prevent these pressure sores from developing, reducing …

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Medical Sheepskin for a Good Nights Sleep

I just got back from a rush delivery to the Brisbane Mater hospital. Late today we had a urgent call, a patient had just had a back operation and wanted a good nights sleep. The hospital beds were uncomfortable and the patient wanted a sheepskin to sleep on. Our regular Temperature medical sheepskin was just the thing to offer comfort and rest, and a good nights sleep

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