New Range of Multiple Colour Australian Sheepskin Floor Rugs

New Range of Multiple Colour Australian Longwool Sheepskin Floor Rugs

Premium-quality Australian Lambskins: The best thing about these Octo lambskin rugs is that we make these from high-quality, selected and matched hides making them perfect for long-term use.

Size and dimensions: The perfectly appropriate size of these sheepskin rugs makes them perfect for every room. As these are made by joining 8 Natural Extra Large Hides, the sizing is always approximate. The general size and dimensions of these Longwool Sheepskin Floor Rug are: wool pile is 60+ mm and length is 205cm+ and approx. 240cm wide.

Different colours available: The reason why these Australian lambskin rugs are so popular is that they are available in many popular and distinctive colours. These colour options include Ivory, Black, Chocolate, Reds, Two tones, Pink’s, Blues, Brown. And so many others give you a wide selection to choose from.

Natural shape edges: The naturally shaped edges of the sheepskin floor rug gives it a perfect and unique look which makes it ideal for bedrooms, lounge and even living rooms too.

Octo/8 pelt lambskin rugs: The 8 pelt lambskin rug has a perfect texture and distinctive look. The 8 skin lambskin rug can be washed easily which makes it easy to use as well.

At Ozwool we work with Tannery’s that are able to offer a great product at a good price. Our Colour range is constantly growing so if we do not have your colour listed. We then we may have it available or if the quantity is enough. We then may be able to make a batch to your needs. Longwool Sheepskin Floor Rugs are a great decor item

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