Medical Sheepskin Buyers Guide

OZwool Sheepskin Medical Sheepskin Buyers Guide

Medical sheepskin can work for people with different Skin requirements. It is terrific for a person who for many reasons spends a lot of time in a chair, bed or wheelchair; it can reduce or avoid bed sores and also pressure sores. Clinical use of Australian medical sheepskins has been occurring in Hospitals and nursing homes for their recovery as well as preventative qualities considering that the very early 1960’s.

What is Medical Sheepskin?

as4480 australian medical sheepskin natural shape back stamp
The Best medical Sheepskin – as4480 Australian Medical sheepskin natural shape with back stamp

Not all Sheepskin are created equal, Our Medical Sheepskin Buyers Guide will help you decide which is the best for your needs. Some people will have you believe that infant care and medical sheepskin are the same. At the tannery when processing medical sheepskin, our team chooses sheepskins with the greatest pile thickness; this thick wool pile provides support. Clinical sheepskin is sheared to an also size of about 1.2 inch (27mm), which equally disperses body weight. Medical sheepskins are specifically tanned to make certain that the natural leather is pliable. In the case of High-Temperature Medical sheepskins, it needs to be High Temperature washable (hence the Industry-standard Green Colour) and Blood and Urine resistant. This pliability permits it to satisfy several settings. During the tanning process, the sheepskin is likewise Sanitized ®, which protects against fibre loss and also makes the pelts very bacteria resistant. This assists clinical sheepskin to stand up to lots of cleans.

In Summary: the AS4480.1 Australian medical Sheepskin is the best supportive and will help to reduce pressure sores. The High Temperature medical is mid-range, and the Regular temperature medical comfort skin is the start of our range. Below that – offering reduce care in these situations are Infant care and infant care lambskins, and longwool lambskins.

What does the Temperature mean?

The temperature we talk about with medical sheepskins is the temperature that they can be washed at. High Temperature means they can be washed at High temperature – 80Degrees Celcius – as in Hospital Laundry. Regular Temperature means washable at 40 degrees Celcius.

Benefits of Medical Sheepskin

Equally distributes weight
Equally distributing weight is vital when reducing and avoiding bedsores. 26mm is the suitable pile elevation to equally distribute weight. The Thicker wool pile means that it is able to support weight better. The wool pile won’t be as soft as the likes of an infant care lambskin but the results and care will be better

high temperature washable medical skin
High-Temperature Washable Medical Skin

Minimizes excess dampness

Excess moisture is a reason why bedsores develop, this is why sheepskin being a natural product has a unique advantage. Medical sheepskin is flawlessly matched to manage this. It can take in approximately 33% of its very own weight in dampness without really feeling damp. The natural fibres likewise disperse the moisture back into the air at a quicker price than other materials. Medical sheepskin’s capability to reduce moisture makes it useful for skin irritabilities consisting of rashes, scratchy skin as well as eczema.

Work as a natural thermostat

Sheepskin manages body temperature; maintaining a person cosy without overheating. Sheepskin has hollow fibres, making it very breathable. This additionally functions to lower dampness accumulation triggered by sweat.

Improves the health and wellness of the skin

The lanolin in woollen has special qualities that can boost the wellness of skin; it moisturizes the skin while safeguarding versus the buildup of excess dampness. This improves the feeling of skin as well as everyday comfort.

Sheepskin is naturally hypoallergenic and also antibacterial. Lanolin has self-cleaning properties when left to air out.

Comes in numerous shapes and sizes

Extra Extra Large Regular Temperature Medical sheepskin underlay
Extra Extra Large Regular Temperature Medical sheepskin underlay

Medical sheepskin can be used on a chair, bed, wheelchair, or nearly anywhere you can think about. It can additionally be made use of to reduce discomfort brought on by props. To make sure that our Medical sheepskin can assist in as many situations as possible we offer mobility device covers, chair pads, bed pads and also crutch covers. We additionally have medical sheepskin covers that can be made use of on an individual’s elbow joint, knee, lower arm or ankle joint. Have a look whatsoever of the means clinical sheepskin can enhance the quality of life.

Easy to clean up

Every one of our medical sheepskins is machine washable. Our cream medical sheepskins can be washed at 100 ° F/ 38 ° C, while our hi-temperature Medical sheepskin can be washed at 176 ° F/ 80 ° C. The AS4480.1 High-Temperature medical Sheepskin is the best in support and comfort. If you have pressure sores then this is our only recommendation, don’t select something cheaper or prettier when pressure sore prevention is paramount. Washing the sheepskin at a greater temperature enables more extensive disinfection. The hi-temperature sheepskin is also immune to discolouring

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