Australian Infant Care sheepskin

For mums looking for available options for infant care sheepskins and underlays, you’ve come into the right place. This article contains the best sheepskins and underlays for infants and babies. For those who aren’t sure what these products are, sheepskins and underlays are used as an interface between the surface of a bed and the infant and are usually sold and used as a single natural shaped skin. Because of their incredible softness and natural feel on the skin, they are ideal for infant and baby use as it helps them have a great play time as well as relaxing sleep.

  • OZwool Infant Care Natural Lambskin
    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Large Ivory Infant Care Lambskin

    $94.00 $88.00Sale!
  • Aust Made Infant Care – Natural Colour

    Aust made Ivory Infant Care – Natural Colour

  • Honey Cream Infant Care Sheepskin

    Baby Care Sheepskin-Cream Colour

  • OZwool Infant Care Natural Lambskin

    White Infant Care Lambskin

    $94.00 $90.00Sale!
  • Pink Infant Care Lambswool Lambskin

    Genuine Pink Infant Care Lambskin

    $106.00 $90.00Sale!
  • Genuine Sheepskin Baby Care BLUE

    $109.00 $85.00Sale!
  • ozwool mid grey infantcare lambskin
    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Light Grey Infant Care Lambskin

    $99.00 $90.00Sale!
  • - Auskin Maize coloured infant care lambskin

    Infant Care Lambskin – Maize colour

    $94.00 $90.00Sale!