Sheepskin as A Pressure Sore Underlay

Sheepskin Underlay for Prevention of Pressure Sores 

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The medical profession has considered the use of Sheepskin as a pressure sore underlay effective after medical sheepskin underlays used in hospitals and nursing homes in Australia, where sheepskins are produced, had a lot of success in pressure sore prevention. If you are thinking of getting a sheepskin for you or for your loved one who is an incontinent patient to prevent pressure sores (skin injuries)  from developing, but not sure how sheepskin works as a pressure sore underlay, then you’ve come into the right place.

Sheepskin has many uses, but it is widely used as a pressure sore underlay because of its properties that can reduce the primary causes of pressure sores. Primary causes of pressure sores include Pressure on the skin, Friction between the skin and the surface, skin moisture, and shear.

The following properties of sheepskin help sheepskin to become an effective pressure sore underlay:

Natural Breathing Property. Sheepskin has the ability to absorb moisture and sweat instantly and omit it into the air up to seven times faster than any other fur and fabrics used as pressure sore underlays. This prevents skin moisture which is one of the primary causes of pressure sores.

Temperature Control. Also, its ability to absorb moisture and sweat instantly and omit it into the air up to seven times faster helps it to regulate a steady body temperature when it is in contact with human skin, meaning that in the winter it will feel warm and in the summer it will feel cool. This prevents skin moisture.

Incredible softness. Sheepskin possesses a unique softness as the result of its wool fibres containing Lanolin, a natural substance that is secreted only by wool-bearing animals that act as natural moisturizer and waterproofing agent. This incredible softness which feels very gentle on human skin helps reduce the shear stress that is one of the primary causes why pressure sores develop.

Hypo-allergenic. Sheepskin is natural and the medical profession considered it hypoallergenic which means that unlike any furs or fabrics available in the market used pressure sore underlays, sheepskin is less likely to cause allergy reaction. If you or you’re loved is allergic to some types of furs and fabrics, sheepskin is your safest option.

Resilient property. The wool fibres of sheepskin are very strong- naturally strong- they can be bent up to 20,000 times without breaking making them the strongest type of wool available.

This property allows sheepskin to reduce pressure between the body and the surface underneath the sheepskin (floor, mattress, and any other kind of surface) eliminating the pressure build up, reducing the friction between the skin and the surface, prevents skin moisture, and prevents shear- the primary causes of pressure sores.  This property also helps sheepskin to last years and years of quality use.

If you are convinced that you or your loved one can benefit if you use sheepskin as pressure sore underlay instead of fur or fabrics, visit to see available sheepskin underlay options.

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