Sheepskin Colours – Australian Lambskins

The meaning of Coloured Sheepskins

If you want to add energy to a dull and boring room you can choose the best colour sheepskin that suits you best. Colours have symbolic meaning that changes amongst different cultures and countries. We can all live in a colourful world.

Sheepskin Rugs are soft, warm and inviting rugs for any decor.  Made from Australian Lamswool Sheepskins.

This naturally shaped lambskin can be used as a floor covering, a throw on a chair, bed or lounge.

BLUE Lambskin – is for trust, honesty and loyalty and it exhibits inner security and confidence.


PINK Sheepskins – represents compassion, nurturing and love.


Black Sheepskin – Relates to the hidden, secretive and unknown.  I think black is sexy and romantic!


Brown Lambskin – is friendly yet serious, down to earth colour.  It relates to security, protection and comfort.


Red Sheepskin – is warm and positive.  It is energizing and will excite and motivate you.  Red gives you confidence.


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