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Sheepskin For Babies And Infants for Best Comfort

sheepskin for babies and infants, eco tanned sanitized, and
soft lambskin

Sheepskin For Babies And Infants for Best Comfort

If you are here because you’ve heard some parents talking
about baby sheepskin products and how these products are amazing, then you are
in for a treat. This post aims to help parents learn the fantastic reasons to
use natural baby sheepskin.

First Of
All, What Is Sheepskin?

Sheepskin is precisely what it sounds like, the skin of a
sheep with the wool still attached, and it is one of the warmest, softest, and
most luxurious natural materials that man has ever known.

For centuries, sheepskin has been used by peoples throughout
the World (wherever sheep have been raised) to make garments, rugs, beddings,
and other products. Today, there is a continuous demand for sheepskin,
especially Australian sheepskin, which is claimed to be the highest quality
sheepskin in the world.

So, what’s so special about sheepskin products?

Sheepskin is found to have many amazing properties which
make the products (example, baby bed underlays and pram liners) made from it, can
provide warmth, comfort, and other benefits that no other animal skin, natural
or synthetic.  For example:-

Sheepskin has natural breathing properties thanks to its
hollow wool fibres which actually “breathe” and have an inherent ability to act
as a natural thermostat that regulates body temperature. It allows any product
made of natural sheepskin to absorb moisture and sweat and omit it into the air
many times faster than any other animal skin, natural or synthetic. What this
means that any product made of sheepskin can keep the user warm in the winter,
cool in the summer.

Using baby products made from sheepskin, such as cot
underlay or playmat, will keep your baby warm in the winter and cool in the
summer. It will help your baby be comfortable whenever they sleep, in whatever
weather condition. Because sheepskin when against the body activates the blood
circulation and the immune system, which support the relaxation and
regeneration of the body, your baby will get the required rest and sleep for
recovery and growth.

Is it safe
for babies?

Sheepskin is hypoallergenic and bacteria-resistant, which
means that it is relatively unlikely to cause or trigger allergies. As it
contains Lanolin, a natural substance similar to that found in human skin, it
will feel very gentle on your baby’s sensitive young skin. To the question of whether
it is safe or not safe for babies and infants, the answer is yes, it is. As well
as being safe, sheepskin even promotes healing of sensitive or inflamed skin or

Baby And Infants Sheepskin Options

Sheepskin products for babies and infants are various. You can find sheepskin baby cot covers, pram liners, stroller pads, carriers, and many, many others, and at OZwool, ours are eco tanned and sanitized to preserved and improve their properties.

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