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Pressure Sore Protection the 2019 way

What are Pressure Sores

Pressure Sores can be an expensive and painful issue. For many Pressure Sores are found too late, and the path to cure is long and painful. As bodies get frail or less mobile, the pressure on spots increases due to the reduced body mass and the increased time spent in one position or another.  When a person is bedridden or spends an increasing amount of time in one spot, when they turn in the bed their elbows, feet, arms and knees take a lot of friction which causes sores and sometimes infections. The elderly and frail have more problems with this than anyone, but anybody can get these problems when they are stuck in a bed or chair long enough.

Australian Medical Sheepskin offers fantastic protection for these very problems and the cost compared to other treatments and equipment that the medical establishments offer is very affordable. Also, Medical sheepskin have been developed to prevent pressure sores, and prevention is better than going through the curing process

Australian Made Medical Accessories

Many people do not realise that they can even use sheepskin for these purposes. At we offer Medical Sheepskin protection for different parts of the body. These are suitable for use both during bed ridden times and even for those that are active. Ozwool makes sheepskin knee guards, sheepskin elbow guards, and our most popular sheepskin heel cuff, along with the open and closed toed medical boots and many other kinds of sheepskin protection for the body.

How does sheepskin aid in helping these problems? Well, Sheepskin is very supportive, much more than these stretchable wraps you get from the doctor’s office or hospitals. It is also a Natural Product.

In some cases, there are options, these include, the stretchable wraps made from cotton and polyester are wrapped around the body and usually fit tight. Even if you wrap these loosely, they end up being tight because of swelling. These other materials fit right up against the skin causing the skin to get hot and sweaty. These factors cause the skin to break down and get sores. The heat and sweat can cause a breeding ground for bacteria to flourish and grow, causing infections.

Natural Sheepskin

Sheepskin is unique because the natural wool pile allows the space needed to keep good blood flow. The medical sheepskin is specially treated to keeps things nice and fresh because sheepskin provides for air to continually circulate the body part being protected. This airflow cuts down on the heat and stops perspiration. Even if there were some sweating the sheepskin would naturally absorb it away from the skin keeping it nice and dry. What happens to this perspiration? The airflow that continually flows between the sheepskin fleece keeps any sweat dry.

There is no reason not to use Australian medical sheepskin, as it is very affordable. Sheepskin will protect and keeps things dry and fresh. People are always amazed at how cool sheepskin is.

Natural Medical Sheepskin

At Ozwool Sheepskin and, we specialise in natural genuine sheepskin items you will find anywhere. Our sheepskin is an excellent investment at a very fair price.

Sheepskin offers fantastic protection for these very same problems and the cost compared to the other treatment options or other expensive equipment that the medical establishments offer.

Medical Sheepskin protection for different parts of the body during bed ridden times is imperative. We make sheepskin knee wraps, sheepskin elbow wraps, sheepskin foot wraps and many other kinds of sheepskin coverings for different limbs and Body parts.

Ozwool Australian lambskin Double floor Rug

Australian Lambskin – Probably the most Comfortable Rug Available.

If you are considering a new Carpet Mat or Rug for home, then here are some things that you need to remember. Ensure that you have an Australian Lambskin rug on your list of carpets to check out. Australian lambskin can come in various sizes and colour options, and even shapes.

if you are considering a new mat for your home, you should look at Australian sheepskin; you will find out that it is a remarkable option. Many people use it as infant underlays or pram liners, but there are many more options avail use it. Sheepskin isn’t merely suitable for Infants or medical Purposes, longwool sheepskin is suitable for Floor Rugs, or chair overthrows. Short wool (25mm wool pile) is also a favorite for chair throws, and kids play mats as well. The virtually enchanting residential properties of sheepskin are great for rugs, pillows as well as several various other applications.

Sheepskin Resistance to Wear

The good thing about sheepskin carpets is their capability to stand up to heavy website traffic without showing wear. With sheepskin, the only point you will want to tell your visitors is to take their shoes off before they step on your sheepskin rug, they will thank you for the soft feel under there feet.

I believe you will be just as surprised as I was. We were so impressed by sheepskins convenience I ended up obtaining rugs, cushions as well as also a sheepskin seat cover for my motorbike. Many people have informed me that they never believed that sheepskin was so comfy, and affordable if I hadn’t introduced them to it.

Sheepskin is so protective you will certainly not need to stress over whatever it is you intend to protect for years as well as years. It matters not if it’s your hard timber floors or your bike seat. When it comes to protection, sheepskin is a sure thing.

If you obtain an Australian sheepskin rug for comfort, you will certainly most defiantly appreciate the softness and resilience it brings. Sheepskin feels great and also so soft under your feet or your backside. I have lambskin cushions on my lounge, and I love the added softness that the wool pile adds to the sofa cushions.

If you have never assumed about sheepskin for embellishing the comfort and luxury of the inside of your home. Then Try Real Australian Lambskin Rugs. Many put there trust in as other products that we use every day for our convenience. If you find someone using Faux Sheepskin, ask them does it have the life, the resilience and the comfort that true Australian Lambskin has.

If you are taking into consideration a new rug for your home then make sure you placed Australian sheepskin rugs on your list to inspect. The fantastic residential or commercial properties of sheepskin is terrific for carpets, pillows as well as several various other applications.

Sheepskin Comfort

The great thing concerning sheepskin rugs is their capability to stand up to heavy foot traffic without revealing wear. With sheepskin, the only point you will tell individuals to do is to take their shoes off before they tip on your sheepskin carpet. I was so impressed by sheepskins convenience I finished up getting a Sheepskin floor rugs, Sofa Cushion and even a sheepskin underlay for our bed.

Round longwool sheepskin carpet grey and white

Sheepskin Mats: 5 Options to Luxury

I should start with the advice that although it is called Sheepskin Mats, it really is Lambskin mat. Not to be confused with Lambswool. Lambswool is the term for shorn wool stuck to a backing – generally cotton or polyester of some kind. Lambskin refers the to a natural product with a natural hide naturally attached to the back, and a tip on the wool pile to indicate that it has not been shorn.

The terminology Mat indicates that 2 or more have been joined to make a larger or shaped rug or carpet like Mat.

You can purchase conventional lambskin rugs in a double, quad (4 hides) Secto (6 Hides) or Octo (8 Hides) all with the natural scalloped edges, as well as Designer made ones that range from round (in various sizes) to straight edged plain to fancy sewn in designer sheepskin Mats. There really are lots of options in sheepskin Mats.

Basic Sheepskin Rug

These Sheepskin rugs can be huge. They are generally made to a single colour, a colour with a dyed tip. They are ideal on the flooring, presented on the couch or lounge surface as a decor throw, or hung over a chair as a comfort or padding. They make a remarkable area accent. Typically these are what is termed the double or quad sizes, their sizes vary based on the individual hide selections – read here that the bigger the base hides used the fluffier they will be. However, they can range from 1.6m long and 0.5m wide to 2.2m long and 0.7m wide for a double, or up to 2.2m long and 1.2m wide for a jumbo quad

Sheepskin Area Rugs

A complete sheepskin carpet is a definitely gorgeous enhancement to an area. Sheepskin Mats come in a range of dimensions starting with the double and Quad sizes but expanding into the Secto – 6 selected hides (1.8m to 2.2m long and 1.5m to 1.8m wide), to a Octo – 8 selected and matched hides (1.8m to 2.2m long and 2.0m to 2.4m wide), and any size you like. We have made many that have 16 selected hides in a 4 wide x 4 long arrangements. These are approx 2.2m wide and 3.9m long and are a massive area rug with luxury spelt all over it.

16 Rug Sheepskin Custom Made Sheepskin rugs


Designer Sheepskin Rugs

Designer Sheepskin Mats take the all-natural charm of sheepskin as well as form and also dye it right into a job of art. The Designer will certainly contrast lengthy as well as brief sheepskin or might also blend various varieties to obtain the impact they are looking for. Australian sheepskin is at the forefront with these Designer Rugs. These can have patterns or shapes sewn into the rug to

create a designer piece, or can have straight edges. Designer Lambskin rugs are available in Longwool (60+ mm wool pile) or short wool which is generally a 26mm wool pile. These can also be round rugs, our most popular round rugs are a 750mm diameter and a 1.9m diameter.

Bed Coverings

Many individuals opt to put their sheepskin Mats on the top of their beds, replacing the doona or bedspread (as opposed to putting it directly on the mattress as a bed underlay) another great idea and especially popular with those stuck in bed. It’s a fantastic appearance as well as very easy to finish the space style around. White is a spectacular option on the bed and also very sophisticated! Again the options can be natural scalloped edges, straight edges or straight edges with borders of a different colour. Again available in a Longwool pile or short wool pile or a mix of both long and short wool pile.

Infant and also Sheepskin Carpet

Also, any child can appreciate his or her own sheepskin rug. These Sheepskin Mats are available

in a range of colours that cater to the fussiest of kids or cater so everyone knows which colour is theirs.

Pet Beds and Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin pet beds are fast becoming popular, simply because the hide is the bed so it can be placed anywhere, even on the lounge. Easy washed and maintained these will cater for Cats and Dogs, Large and Small, especially if they need to go into a kennel or cattery over the holidays. Especially popular for Pet beds is the High Temperature washable medical sheepskin, simply because they have a higher washability and can handle the washing better than any other modern sheepskin.

As you can see Sheepskin make for a designer look, they create luxury wherever they are used. Talk to us today about how sheepskin can be part of your designer lifestyle

Shopping for a Sheepskin ??

With the Australian Summer fast approaching, I think a sheep skin rug would make a soft and cosy addition to your home or office.  As Australian Sheepskin Suppliers, we constantly hear from office people wanting to make their office chairs more comfortable over the hot summer period.

At Ozwool we offer high quality Australian Sheepskin Rugs for all decor.  They are extremely popular and come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes.  Here are a few points when buying an Ozwool Sheepskin:

1. Wool Density & Loft

The density of wool refers to the number of wool fibres per square inch. High-grade sheep skin, like that of Ozwool’s  Australian sheepskin rugs, has a very high wool density, largely due to the breed of sheep it comes from. Also important is the wool’s loft, or its ability to stay upright and straight. A lower quality sheepskin rug may flatten quickly, or its fibres may become curly, tangled or matted, whereas high-quality rugs boast wool fibres that retain their loft beautifully.

2. Wool Length

To achieve premium-grade standards, Lambskin rugs must possess both the necessary wool density and length, which for a long wool lambskin is a minimum of 65 mm. For a Shortwool sheepskin, it should be around the 25mm length, any shorter and you will see wool shear with use.  Lower grade sheepskin may have the necessary length, but if it isn’t dense enough, the long wool fibres won’t be able to retain their loft, and the rug will end up looking shaggy.

3. Colour

High-quality sheep skin should have a nice, natural ivory tone, unmarred by stains or discolourations in the underlying wool. Premium sheepskins in other colours should display the same clean look, with no visible imperfections. But remember also that natural sheepskin is a NATURAL product so it can vary.

4. Feel

Perhaps the most enjoyable attribute of high-quality sheepskin is its soft, silky feel. Wonderfully plush to the touch, premium Lambskin adds luxurious comfort wherever it’s displayed, whether next to the bed (making feet oh-so-happy each morning), on the couch (cosy to snuggle up to on chilly nights), or tossed over your office chair (making workdays much comfier). When comparing higher and lower end sheepskins, you should be able to feel the difference. Ozwool’s Australian lambskin rugs have a lusciously soft texture that you’ll have to feel to believe.

In summer our most popular items are the Sheepskin office chair covers, heh we even have Supreme Court judges using these.