Todays Customised Sheepskin products Ready for Pickup

We regularly are asked to make custom sheepskin products. To us, customised sheepskin products are a natural part of the business. Today we

custom sheepskin packed for delivery

Custom Sheepskin products packed for delivery today

have an array of different customised sheepskin products ready for shipping. In today’s batch, we have a cushion cover for a 2.98m x 80cm sheepskin cushion cover for a window seat of to Bondi. A Custom powered wheelchair cover for an NDIS patient made from AS4480.1 Medical Sheepskin of to Perth. A Black longwool Lambskin office seat covers off to Western Sydney to fit onto a new Racer style office chair. 4 pairs of 45 cm long black sheepskin seat belt covers off to northern Perth suburb, these are made from 1″ (25mm ) wool pile sheepskin – not the cheaper 10mm wool version.

Custom Sheepskin products

Along with some standard products.:  Baby Rugs to Sydney, 100% Australian Tanned Infant Care skins to Melbourne, High-Temperature washable Australian Medical Sheepskins off to the middle of South Australia, and an AS4480 rectangle medical sheepskin bed underlay off to Bundaberg.

And yes we actually do sell single and double sheepskin rugs and mats

Australian Infant Care sheepskin

Features of Natural Sheepskin for Infant Care

Natural Sheepskin is a versatile and very unique material. It has a low heat exchange rate, which means it is not affected by the room or environment temperatures.

Natural Sheepskin

Australian Infant Care sheepskin

Since the material is extremely absorbent, it eliminates body odour created by sweat and oils excreted by the human body. It is also anti-bacterial. The sheepskin rejects dirt particles and keeps itself clean.

We have used Natural Sheepskin for thousands of years to keep them warm, but our ancestors did not just use sheepskin because it felt good and was convenient, as more and more people now realise sheepskin has special qualities that other natural materials do not possess.

Infant Care Sheepskins

Baby Care Sheepskin is naturally thermo-static thus keeping bare feet close to your natural body temperature regardless of the temperature outside. Dr Stephen Scott and his colleagues at Cambridge University Hospital worked with 34 incubator babies each weighing less than 1.2 kg when it was decided to put half of them on sheepskin. At first, it was thought that the sheepskin babies moved around less and so expended less energy. As it turned out, however, both groups of babies were equally active, which led the study authors to conclude that the probable explanation lay in sheepskin reducing stress on the infants by simply being more comforting than cotton.

Sheepskin for babies benefits

According to a report in The Lancet, a British medical journal, sheepskin has a soothing effect. When it was decided to put half of them on sheepskin, Dr. Stephen Scott and his colleagues at Cambridge University Hospital worked with 34 incubator babies each weighing less than 1.2kg. What happened then was that 12 of the 17 babies in the sheepskin group gained weight faster than 14 of the 17 infants who continued on cotton sheets.

Sheepskin for infants are soft, warm, and very comfortable to wear. The lanolin in sheepskin is similar to that found in human skin allowing it to help heal inflamed or sensitive skin or rashes.

Sheepskin also absorbs moisture twice as well as cotton. The moisture circulates through the fur, eventually evaporating completely, allowing the product to remain dry.OZwool Australian Lambskin Infant Care Sheepskins and Natural Sheepskin

We can use Australian lambskin in ways to care for Babies, these include Pram liners, Stroller Liners, Cot Underlays, floor or bassinet underlays, Baby Playmats. The Natural Sheepskin wool pile maintains its temperature regardless of its surrounding temperature.

New Range of Multiple Colour Australian Sheepskin Floor Rugs

New Range of Multiple Colour Australian Sheepskin Floor Rugs

Premium-quality Australian Lambskins: The best thing about these Octo lambskin rugs is that we make these from high-quality, selected and matched hides making them perfect for long-term use.

Size and dimensions: The perfectly appropriate size of these sheepskin rugs makes them perfect for every room. As these are made by joining 8 Natural Extra Large Hides, the sizing is always approximate. The general size and dimensions of these mats are: wool pile is 60+ mm and length is 205cm+ and approx. 240cm wide.

Different colours available: The reason why these Australian lambskin rugs are so popular is that they are available in many popular and distinctive colours. These colour options include: Ivory, Black, Chocolate, Reds, Two tones, Pink’s, Blues, Brown and so many others give you a wide selection to choose from.

Natural shape edges: The naturally shaped edges of the sheepskin floor rug gives it a perfect and unique look which makes it ideal for bedrooms, lounge and even living rooms too.

Octo/8 pelt lambskin rugs: The 8 pelt lambskin rug has a perfect texture and distinctive look. The 8 skin lambskin rug can be washed easily which makes it easy to use as well.


Medical Sheepskins – When Bigger is Better

AS4480.1 HiTemp UR Australian Medical Sheepskins – Highest Quality available anywhere: THE PREMIUM Medical SheepskinOlder and Young patients who need to stay in one position or are bedridden for prolonged periods are at the greatest risk of developing pressure ulcers or bedsores. These injuries to the skin as the result of prolonged constant pressure on the skin. Bed pressure sores can develop in as little as 20 minutes and are more often than not difficult to treat.

Now there are several care strategies such as the use of the different types of true medical sheepskin that can help to prevent and reduce bedsores.



1. AS4480.1 High-Temperature washable, Urine and Blood Resistant Australian made Medical Sheepskin – Highest Quality available anywhere, this is a PREMIUM Medical Sheepskin, made and complying with the strict Australian Standard. Look for the AS4480.1 Australian Standard stamp 

Don’t be confused with cheaper options that call themselves Medical Sheepskin. For Australia’s Greatest Medical Range please visit