Pink Soft Stroller Liner from Natural Labskin available from

Sheepskin Pram Liner and Lambskin Stroller Liner

The Australian Ozwool Baby Sheepskin Shop offers sheepskin products such as the Sheepskin Pram Liner and Sheepskin Stroller liner which are available in different sizes to fit every pram and stroller sizes. These sheepskin products are wonderful for babies because they are soft, gentle and pure. Each one of these liners can provide comfort and a sense of security which every mother wants to provide her child.

What The Sheepskin Pram Liner Can Do?

In this article, we will be talking about the benefits of having sheepskin pram liners and stroller liners, how much they usually cost and where they can be bought. We will start with their benefits.

Benefits of lambskin Pram Liners

There are many Natural benefits of Pram liners and lambskin stroller liners which are made from Natural Australian sheepskin

The greatest benefit of pram liners and stroller liners made from sheepskin is COMFORT. Yes, comfort as the sheepskin from which the products are made from is naturally soft, gentle, and pure which the sensitive world of babies should be filled with.

– Both liners work by keeping the baby warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm. This is very much possible because the soft sheepskin has natural insulation properties.

– Both liners are 100% natural sheepskin and are completely machine washable on a wool wash for easy and convenient cleaning. Wash only with a Tannery approved WoolSkin Wool wash not a detergent.

– Both liners have antibacterial benefits because wool is a naturally antibacterial fibre, which will help keep your baby feeling fresh day and night.

– Both liners are made with pre-cut holes for a convenient attachment to any stroller. Most are with a 5-point harness that gives them the flexibility to fit most prams and strollers.

Sheepskin or Lambskin – What is the difference?

The difference is sometimes confusing, sheepskin and Lambskin are sometimes interchangeable, and 100% natural.. Technically speaking the Sheepskin is olde and gives better support to the baby, whereas the sheepskin is a softer wool pile but in the OZwool case the support is the same simply because of the raw material selection. Firmer or more supportive skins are selected to produce the item. Warning – If the item says LambsWool then it is an inferior and not a 100% natural item and will never give you the same level of support, comfort and longevity (but will be cheaper).

What is the Difference between a Stroller and a Pram Liner?

Not a lot, Pram liners are generally a rectangle shape, whereas Stroller Liners are a Rectangle with 2 legs. Both are the approximately the same size, with the Stroller Liner just has the legs that hang down the front of the stroller.

Pram Liner from Natural Labskin available from

What Colour options are available?

Pram liners and Stroller Liners come in many colour options. From the natural Ivory colour to the Cream, Grey, pink, and even apple green. Within the pram liner range, you can get mixes, that is a natural colour with an image sewn in from natural lambskin, something to differentiate you from others.

How Much They Usually Cost And Where You Can Buy Them?

Pram liners and stroller liners of this type of material have varying prices. In Australia, most sheepskin stores offer them from prices between $100-$160 AUD, but OzWool Baby Sheepskin shop offers them for prices that range from $80-150!

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