Sheepskin Rugs can add Warmth to your Home

Sheepskin Rug for Winter

Add some warmth to your home this winter.  A sheepskin rug can be a rug for all seasons.  In the colder months having a sheepskin rug in your home will give that cosy and warm feeling and will also help to retain the heat.  During the warmer months, Sheepskin rugs can instantly transform any room to add colour, comfort and style.

There are many benefits to these beautiful sheepskin rugs which include:-Ozwool Australian lambskin Double floor Rug

  • Warmth – sheepskin provides natural insulation to create a warm and cosy feeling at any time of year.
  • Versatility – there are so many places in the home where Sheepskin rugs will enhance a room.
  • Durability – simply by looking after sheepskin as you would any rug will keep it looking beautiful for years.
  • Safety – Sheepskin is resistant to fire and static electricity.  Additionally, it does not shed so it is ideal for children’s rooms.  It also has natural hypo-allergenic properties.

So why not think about a sheepskin rug for your room instead of a traditional rug. Sheepskin Rugs add warmth and Colour to any room or piece of Furniture.

Sheepskin Rug for Winter

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