Brown Long Wool Office Chair Sheepskin Cover

Shopping for a Sheepskin ??

With the Australian Summer fast approaching, I think a sheep skin rug would make a soft and cosy addition to your home or office.  As Australian Sheepskin Suppliers, we constantly hear from office people wanting to make their office chairs more comfortable over the hot summer period.

At Ozwool we offer high quality Australian Sheepskin Rugs for all decor.  They are extremely popular and come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes.  Here are a few points when buying an Ozwool Sheepskin:

1. Wool Density & Loft

The density of wool refers to the number of wool fibres per square inch. High-grade sheep skin, like that of Ozwool’s  Australian sheepskin rugs, has a very high wool density, largely due to the breed of sheep it comes from. Also important is the wool’s loft, or its ability to stay upright and straight. A lower quality sheepskin rug may flatten quickly, or its fibres may become curly, tangled or matted, whereas high-quality rugs boast wool fibres that retain their loft beautifully.

2. Wool Length

To achieve premium-grade standards, Lambskin rugs must possess both the necessary wool density and length, which for a long wool lambskin is a minimum of 65 mm. For a Shortwool sheepskin, it should be around the 25mm length, any shorter and you will see wool shear with use.  Lower grade sheepskin may have the necessary length, but if it isn’t dense enough, the long wool fibres won’t be able to retain their loft, and the rug will end up looking shaggy.

3. Colour

High-quality sheep skin should have a nice, natural ivory tone, unmarred by stains or discolourations in the underlying wool. Premium sheepskins in other colours should display the same clean look, with no visible imperfections. But remember also that natural sheepskin is a NATURAL product so it can vary.

4. Feel

Perhaps the most enjoyable attribute of high-quality sheepskin is its soft, silky feel. Wonderfully plush to the touch, premium Lambskin adds luxurious comfort wherever it’s displayed, whether next to the bed (making feet oh-so-happy each morning), on the couch (cosy to snuggle up to on chilly nights), or tossed over your office chair (making workdays much comfier). When comparing higher and lower end sheepskins, you should be able to feel the difference. Ozwool’s Australian lambskin rugs have a lusciously soft texture that you’ll have to feel to believe.

In summer our most popular items are the Sheepskin office chair covers, heh we even have Supreme Court judges using these.

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