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Medical Sheepskins Protecting You

Sheepskin protection for different parts of the body during bed ridden times is imperative. They make sheepskin knee wraps, sheepskin elbow wraps, sheepskin foot wraps and many other kinds of sheepskin protection for the body.

Medical Sheepskins

Who Should Use Australian Medical Sheepskins? Senior Citizen Arthritis Sufferers Convalescents Wheelchair Users At home patients Back pain sufferers Athletes Seated Office workers People with sleeping disorders Long trip travelers

Sheepskin as A Pressure Sore Underlay

Sheepskin Underlay for Prevention of Pressure Sores  The medical profession has considered the use of Sheepskin as a pressure sore underlay effective after medical sheepskin underlays used in hospitals and nursing homes in Australia, where sheepskins are produced, had a lot of success in pressure sore prevention. If you are thinking of getting a sheepskin …

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Medical sheepskin underlay

Medical Sheepskin – What is the difference

There has been much confusion over the different types of medical sheepskins. Here at, we offer the biggest range of Medical sheepskins in Australia. Do not be confused with wool on backing or other manufactured products we are talking Sheepskins.

Our range has 3 distinct Medical Sheepskins:

Medical Sheepskin Uses

Various Uses of Medical Sheepskins Bed ulcers/bed sores afflict patients in hospitals throughout the world. Various means of reducing bedsores have been tried, from frequent turning to synthetic padding, but medical research has shown that one of the most effective means of reducing the occurrence of bedsores is the use of medical sheepskins padding. Bedsores develop …

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