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Medical Sheepskin Uses

Various Uses of Medical Sheepskins Bed ulcers/bed sores afflict patients in hospitals throughout the world. Various means of reducing bedsores have been tried, from frequent turning to synthetic padding, but medical research has shown that one of the most effective means of reducing the occurrence of bedsores is the use of medical sheepskins padding. Bedsores develop …

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Sheepskin Underlays – For a Better Sleep

Sheepskin Underlays – A better sleep If you want a better sleep, consider that when medical researchers report on the best padding available for increased comfort and reduced stress, they are referring to sheepskin. One reason sheepskin makes for a better sleep is because sheepskin padding redistributes weight over a larger surface area than do …

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Infant Sheepskins for my Baby and Toddler

Infant sheepskins are perfect for your baby. The infant sheepskins for babies have many benefits as they can be used in the car seat, the stroller and even a play/floor mat for your baby to roll around and play on. They can also be used as a cot underlay which makes baby more comfortable. Infant …

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