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High Temp Australian Medical Sheepskin - AS4480

Medical Sheepskin Prevent Pressure Sores

Australian Medical Sheepskin Will Prevent Pressure Sores Medical patients who need to stay in one position for a prolonged period of time are prone to developing pressure sores; skin injuries which, if not treated immediately could become a serious health problem. Fortunately, the use of medical sheepskin can prevent these pressure sores from developing, reducing …

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Medical Sheepskin Knee Guard made by

TAC in Victoria use

People like the TAC – Transport Accident Commission of Victoria use OZwool Medical Sheepskin, Just ask your occupational Therapist “who uses your products” or “are these recommended by…”

Well we thought that we may show some of our users, they vary from individuals to hospitals to government departments.

Today we shipped Medical sheepskin knee protectors to the TAC- Transport Accident Commission of Victoria. these are our own design of knee protectors made from High temperature medical sheepskin. You too can have these items – we don’t just send them to government departments. see the medical sheepskin page for more information

double regular temperature underlay

Medical Sheepskin for a Good Nights Sleep

I just got back from a rush delivery to the Brisbane Mater hospital. Late today we had a urgent call, a patient had just had a back operation and wanted a good nights sleep. The hospital beds were uncomfortable and the patient wanted a sheepskin to sleep on. Our regular Temperature medical sheepskin was just the thing to offer comfort and rest, and a good nights sleep

Sheepskin as A Pressure Sore Underlay

Sheepskin Underlay for Prevention of Pressure Sores  The medical profession has considered the use of Sheepskin as a pressure sore underlay effective after medical sheepskin underlays used in hospitals and nursing homes in Australia, where sheepskins are produced, had a lot of success in pressure sore prevention. If you are thinking of getting a sheepskin …

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