Todays Customised Sheepskin products Ready for Pickup

We regularly are asked to make custom sheepskin products. So to us, customised sheepskin products are a natural part of the business. Today we

custom sheepskin packed for delivery
Custom Sheepskin products packed for delivery today

have an array of different customised sheepskin products ready for shipping. As a result in today’s batch, we have a cushion cover for a 2.98m x 80cm sheepskin cushion cover for a window seat of to Bondi. A Custom powered wheelchair cover for an NDIS patient made from AS4480.1 Medical Sheepskin of to Perth. A Black longwool Lambskin office seat covers off to Western Sydney to fit onto a new Racer style office chair. And 4 pairs of 45 cm long black sheepskin seat belt covers are off to northern Perth suburb, these are made from 1″ (25mm ) wool pile sheepskin – not the cheaper 10mm wool version.

Custom Sheepskin products

Along with some standard products. We have Baby sheepskin Rugs to Sydney, 100% Australian Tanned Infant Care skins to Melbourne. While a popular High-Temperature washable Australian Medical Sheepskins off to the middle of South Australia. While our NDIS medical popular item AS4480 rectangle medical sheepskin bed underlay is off to Bundaberg.

And yes we actually do sell single and double sheepskin rugs and mats. However we find that no one will do customised sheepskin products. We have a wealth of sheepskin knowledge to help you on your needs

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