Why Sheepskin is Better as a Yoga Mat

Why Sheepskin is Better as a Yoga Mat

You might have overheard some people in your Yoga class claiming that sheepskin is better as a Yoga mat. And you couldn’t help but ask how a piece of a dead animal’s skin is better than the one that you’ve been using- that sticky- fabricated designed for yoga mat? Well, according to our research, there are many reasons why sheepskin is better and some are found below.Double Sheepskin Yoga Mat

Why Sheepskin is Better as Yoga mat?

Sheepskin is natural unlike any typical rubber sticky made yoga mat which consumed much energy and fumes in making them. And since sheepskin is natural, using it is good as saying you are taking yourself away from the toxic of rubber made yoga mat.

Sheepskin is natural so it will not give off an electric charge that synthetic yoga mats give. This is because while synthetic yoga mat is 100% insulator of electrical energy, sheepskin is acts only as a partial insulator and provides undisturbed release of static electricity created by the natural friction of the body and the environment allowing the user to experience deeper states of connection to their Self and the Universe

 Sheepskin, unlike synthetic yoga mat:

  • promotes better blood circulation and body relaxation
  • absorbs sweat immediately and submits that into the air 7 x faster.
  • provides 100% natural comfort due to its 100% natural softness without a touch of any softening chemicals.
  • won’t irritate the sensitive skin, but help heal it instead because it has anti-bacteria resistance feature.
  • contains lanolin making it gentle on the skin. Lanolin is a basic substance similar to that found in human skin so using a sheepskin as a yoga mat will feel like being caressed and touched by Mother Nature.

These reasons are the same reasons why more and more yogis are becoming fans of using sheepskin yoga mats and why more and more yoga leaders and teachers, especially Kundalini Yoga leaders and teachers, recommend them over the use of the rubber, super-sticky, claimed-to-be eco friendly yoga mats.

But I know what you’re thinking. Aren’t yogis supposed to avoid eating or wearing any animal products or by-products just like what the dedicated jivamukti style of yoga promotes? Well, to tell you the truth, that crossed my mind too, so I went on to do a little research only to found out the there’s no rule that is against eating, wearing or using animal products in Yoga. Kundali Yoga spiritual leader Bhajan, when asked about using skin products in Yoga, he said that the skins were just a by-product of the meat and that the sheep was helped to get to a higher place in its spiritual evolution when its skin was used for meditation.

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